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Profile of Xinjiang Asia-Europe International

Materials Trading Center Co., Ltd


AEEX (Xinjiang Asia-Europe International Materials Trading Center Co., Ltd.) comes from Xinjiang, the core area of the Belt and Road. Following China's Belt and Road Initiative, it is our responsibility to jointly build a community of destiny in the global village. Since 2010, we have focused on building a cross-border bulk trading platform. Now the platform has become a cross-border commodity trading platform linking Shanghai, Fujian and Guangdong, which are members of the SCO and radiate China's offshore silk roads. Through cross-border credit reporting, cross-border logistics, cross-border settlement, supply chain finance and other service functions, real-time cross-border transactions of bulk raw materials around will be realized.


1. AEEX is the branch office of Uzbekistan's National Raw Material Commodities Exchange in China. UZEX was registered in 1994. It is the largest trading platform in Central Asia. It conducts commodity trading among SCO countries. AEEX becomes China's linkage to Asia-Europe continent to achieve cross-border bulk trading.

2. It not only has a perfect trading system, but also organically combines goods, transactions, services, procedures, payment methods to form a scientific closed-loop management service platform.

3. Formulating Cross-border e-commerce commodity trading rules.

4.With independent intellectual property rights, it currently applies for a patent and has 15 software copyrights.

5. Serving for the countries engaging in CIIE, the final mission of China’s diplomacy. 


AEEX provides partners with the service function of “one core, two wings and three centers”:

One core: Asia-Europe international cross-border commodity trading platform.

Two wings: Asia-Europe International Cross-border Foreign Trade Small and Medium Enterprise Public Service Platform and Foreign Trade Integrated Service Demonstration Pilot Enterprise, mainly providing comprehensive service for Chinese and foreign enterprises.

Three centers: Asia-Europe e-business is a platform to sell Xinjiang specialties. Westbound train logistics information platform mainly gathers domestic and foreign logistics enterprises to achieve the goal of assembling information and re-entering normalization in Central European train. Asia-Europe Road creates space for all, which fosters international high-tech talents, helps the normalization of global humanities exchanges and promotes the active cross-border economic and trade development of the global village.

Concept: Open, inclusive, balanced and win-win development.

Vision: Linking global resources, joint construction and sharing, international exchange and interaction, the community of the destiny of the global village!

Slogan: Sharing the future in the new era.

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